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This strain is so simple to grow RQS just had to call it Easy Bud. If you are looking to grow easy buds then this is the auto strain for you!

Easy Bud is the product of crossing a White Indica strain with ruderalis genetics and is not too dissimilar to the White Dwarf cannabis variety. It is 55% indica, 30% ruderalis and 15% sativa in genetic composition. Grown indoors it is a very short plant that grows to a height of between 50 – 60 cm. producing harvests of 275 – 325 gr/m2 in an 8 – 9 week period from germination. Its small stature means that it can be grown where there is little head-room and other photo-period plants wouldn’t fit. Outdoor-grown plants are taller at 60 – 110 cm. and will produce 30 – 80 gr/plant or possibly more in good growing conditions with plenty of sun.

These buds have a distinctly Skunk-like aroma with a sweet taste. THC output is 12% with low CBD being recorded. The effect is fairly mild, physically relaxing and makes a great choice for those who are seeking a strain that’s easy, quick and not overly potent.

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