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Favoured by seasoned growers as well as the inexperienced, Somango XL offers a balanced and accessible grow for all. It will take between 8–10 weeks to flower, at the end of which you can expect sizable yields of 525–575g/m² indoors and around 550–600g/plant outdoors.

Whether you’re looking to grow in a tent, greenhouse, or under the sun, this plant will not become overbearing thanks to its compact size. Reaching heights of up to 1m inside and up to 2m outside, it is certainly not as imposing as some other strains on the market.

Outside, Somango XL will flourish in warm climates. Planted in July, it should be ready to harvest around late September or early October. The plant requires very little maintenance, however, it is worth noting that humidity control should be a top priority, as this will counter any potential issues with mould. Couple this with proper care and a steady intake of nutrients and water, and you can look forward to healthy plants and high-quality buds.

Overall, Somango XL is a fairly straightforward strain that doesn’t require any special treatment. Just the same TLC you provide to all of your plants.

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