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Green Python is an indica-dominant strain bred by House of Funk Genetics that was created by cross-pollinating Burmese (from Bodhi Seeds) with a Green Crack clone. The resulting hybrid is full-bodied and known for its fast flowering cycle. The bite from Green Python is a blend of balanced effects that incite cerebral energy with a calm, relaxed body.



A rare strain gifted to us from House of Funk Genetics in Santa Cruz, California, Green Python hits hard with a set of indica-dominant effects that are pleasing and cerebral in nature. Bred by crossing Burmese with a Green Crack clone, this strain is best used in the evening time to unwind from the day’s events.

Bringing a high of 22% THC to the table, Green Python doesn’t play around. Her flavors and scents are a joy to behold, as sweet and spicy earth and kush blend together for an experience that many want to replicate over and over again. Dark green nugs are very leafy and sport a thick coating of amber trichomes along with bright matching hairs.

Many recommend that with THC levels averaging above 20%, Green Python is best left to experienced users. However, as long as you take it slow and steady, there’s no reason that a novice smoker can’t also get in on the action. The high you’ll experience is purely magical, as a hazy and uplifting cerebral wave washes over you. You’ll be chatty and social yet at the same time completely mellow and relaxed. Not the best choice if you’re headed out to an all-night party, Green Python is more appropriate for a chill hang-out at home with a few of your closest friends. As your high continues, your entire body will be overcome with a tingly and sedated feeling that may lead to a good night of sleep.


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