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Its ideal for drinking, cooking, smoking and other ways. The product is popular in 42 countries.
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Blue Amnesia


Amnesia is a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer. This strain produces effects that are uplifting, creative, euphoric and ideal for treating mood disorders.

Recretional Medicine

Medical Products

  • Promotes relaxation THC and CBD in cannabis combats stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Relieves pain THC in marijuana may help to temporarily relieve pain by interacting with the body's natural cannabinoid receptors and reducing pain signaling and pain perception
  • Increases appetite This appetite increase is one reason why it became medically-approved in the first place
  • Removes headache Medical cannabis is an effective alternative treatment for managing headache and migraine symptoms.
  • Fights insomnia Marijuana is an effective sleep aid because it restores a person's natural sleep cycle
  • Improves mood Marijuana can have anxiolytic and euphoriant effects.
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Its ideal for drinking, cooking, smoking and other ways. The product is popular in 42 countries.
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